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Hobart ironman 230

blue dog

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Recently purchased this machine, My Miller xmt 304 multi process machine had been rode hard and put away wet, after 10 years the mother board and various other vital electronics decided to give up the ghost to the tune of 2 grand to repair and get her running { OUCH ! } I went back and forth, blue vs red blah blah blah. I had a miller 251 that was a good machine and was comfortable with miller. I did my research on 250 amp machines and in the end i brought home a Hobart ironman 230.
My final decision was based on the following.
I wanted a 250 amp machine.
digital vs tapped machine, Hobart 12 taps, infinite wire speed
transformer, vs inverter, transformer machine = many years of service reliably,
customer service , Hobart has quality customer service
consumable availability, uses most miller stuff off the shelf
warranty, 5/3/1, better then any other welder out there. Beats Miller and Lincoln. ESAB has a 100 day no question asked policy
Price. $1640 out the door with a a free spool of wire of my choice, and a free fill on 2 120 cylinders of steel mix. This is a grand cheaper then the Lincoln 256 i almost came home with, a grand cheaper

Thus far the machine has been flawless right out of the box, i would say this is like a Miller 212 with extra amps, and no auto set BS. 12 taps is lets you dial the machine in easy and she has enough punch to do anything that comes my way.

So anyone seeking a new dedicated mig machine in the 250 amp range, do not overlook the Hobart ironman 230, she is a good unit, and excellent bang for the buck.



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I love mine too. Got the optional spool gun too...it's hard not too when they have the 1800$ package deal.