hola!!!! im puertamx


Oct 7, 2009
rancho villarreal, tecate, baja mexico
Hello amigos my name is hozkar escobar

i have a few friends on the states as well on baja in the off road commuunity

im in charge og puertamx.com since 2007 and as well in charge of activities regarding rancho villarreal former MDR races where held on this ranch on the 90's

NOwadays its a place for off-road riding for bikes and quads during weekends and it holds races from different series
we hace a little motocross area, a lot of whoups and a lot of goat trails or single tracks....

i ride on a wr450f since 05, my dad has raced on the States since there were 3 weelers on the speedway at otay or sometin' like, as well as los Sahuaros in the early 90, some hilltoppers and thtas were i learn and got invlolved as a off-roader....
all that and my lil sister (9) racing on 90 cc quad and upgradin to bike 85 cc looking to race on 85 cc class on 2010
have a nice one and thanks for reading!