Holley Sniper Vs. FiTech


Does anyone have any hands on experience with either the Holley Sniper or the Fitech EFI systems? Considering making some changes to my truck and was looking at these two systems. I have reservations with the heat/dust/vibration that we deal with in off road racing and curious how these systems will hold up. Have you experienced anything that you could share as Pros/Cons of them vs. a carb setup?


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I have been using Holley Sniper on SBF 363 Dart block etc.... I love it and had this debate in my head and glad i have gone with Holley. There is just alot more out there for the system. We run the Holley digital dash and they have alot of sensors and alot of information on the Forums and on the Tech line. If I had any questions super quick phone call and it was solved. Only raced two races on it so far but no issues so far its been great. Even tuning and dyno time was pretty easy to make some changes. We made 360 ft lbs to the Wheels and super happy with the overall combo of the engine and the efi system. Alot happier then a carb etc so far.

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I'm also running the Holley. I looked at both and was originally going with FiTech till I saw they had a few issues and were basically getting backlogged. So I went with Holley.
73 K5 Blazer with a built 350, 375 HP, 425 Tq.
I have a build thread on here.
I basically did a 2000 mile break in on the K5 last year going down for the 1000. No issues at all.
I later had a issue with burning up the O2 sensor and it wound up having a ECU problem. Holley fixed it no problem. Its ran great since. Have done a few dune trips with the K5 and no issues.
The only thing I haven't done yet is connect it to control timing and then dyno tune it. But she starts right up and has no hesitation.
I did install the progressive linkage and I like it, just need to tune for it now.