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Homemade end mill notcher?


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Put the endmill in the chuck, then make something to hold the tube in place of where the tool post usually is.

PDANK Racing

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I used my bridgeport mill to do a # of them, works well. I didn't use a tube clamp, which would make it work better. Roughing end mills seem to work best. I've found used bridgeports from $500 to $1500, ideally you want one that comes with tooling. They are easy to learn how to use, and you'll find a bunch of other stuff to make with it.

Otherwise tube coping machines (belt sander style) work great, you might be able to find a used one for a good price.


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(Hole saws, mucho better than end mills.)

Baja Bryan

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I've been doing stainless steel handrails for years and we used a horizontal mill. We found that the cheap china hole saws worked better than anything else.We have notched thousands of holes.


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i use my mill for complex notches. Works great if you have a vice that can rotate on the table. The downside is having the mill in an area where you can swing around a full stick if needed. I still use hole saws for the notches with the arbor in a 3/4" collet in the mill.