Honda 50


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I have a 1965-1975 honda z50 (has rear suspension). Not sure of the year I just know its orange. Anyone have an idea what year it is?

Anyways my real question is, does anyone know if I can buy a completely new motor for it? If not is there some place I can get parts to rebuild it?


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If you give me the engine # I can tell you the year (if it's original eng.)
As for new motors....check out ebay. There's some chinese xr ripoffs on there, They're 90cc and have electric start....which you could keep, or change a couple of peices and get rid of it.

Here's an ebay link.

If you want to sell the whole thing....let me know, I have some buddies that restore them.


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Have you got a pic of it? I have a friend who has alot of Hondas from the 60s and 70s. Has 3 bikes for parts for just about every one that runs and even has a Cub hanging on his wall in the living room.