Horsepower or Torque?


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you really shouldnt have one with out the other.

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True you can't have one without the other, but imagine a 100 horsepower motorcycle engine towing a trailer vs a 100 hp toyota pulling the same trailer. The hp is measured at differnet rpms because they have differnt powerbands. A lot of powerful torque is good, but keeping up good speed in the soft stuff is also importnat right?


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I agree with Tom...ask anybody on our race team!!

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In sand: HP. HP keeps tire speed up to stay on top of sand. Usually measured at high rpm.

Towing: torque. Usually measured at low to middle or powerband.

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what do you all guys have to say about the toyota 4 speed manuel trans? good torque and horsepower? whats good or bad about it? i have it and i would like to know what the advantages and disadvantages are. thanks


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I talked to a Subaru rep at a auto show about the Burns WRX rally car and he said that there was a limit of 300hp for rally racing but that their 2.0 liter WRX engine made 600 FOOT POUNDS OF TORQUE!!!
Is that even possible? 300hp and 600ft lbs?


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I believe that is rear wheel horsepower (measured on a chassis dyno). So yes, 600 ft lbs of torque IS possible.

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What year Toyota do you have with a 4spd transmission? 79 - 81 or 82, 2wd or 4wd? I had a 1983 4wd with a 5spd transmission and they always eat up bearings. I think I had mine rebuilt 2 times when I owned it. I always heard that the 4spd transmission was very reliable.
When you are talking torque and horsepower you should be more concerned about the engine not the transmission. But I think with the 4spd you don't have an overdrive like the 5spd, the fourth gear is 1 to 1. The 22R is a very reliable motor and you can add some decent power by changing the cam and putting on a header and exhaust. It will still be very reliable with a little more power but nothing like the power in a newer V6 unless you go crazy with the 22R.


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ive got an 89 yota 2wd with the 4 speed trans. i was just wondering if it was something i should get rid of, or keep it due to its beefyness. i heard the 4 speed puts out more torque and thats why it comes with the toyota 8" rear end. but i do have the 22-R also. i plan on going with hedders and a complete exhaust system once i get money.


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Torque is the amount of work the engine can do. HP is how fast it can do the work. Big diesel truck engines make 800+ foot-pounds of torque, but the reason they're so slow is that they don't spin very high RPM's so their HP is surprisingly low.

In sand or silt your ability to move forwards or upwards is directly related to how FAST you can pump the vehicle's weight in sand or silt backwards or downwards.

HP = (Torque * RPM)/5252 This formula applies only to internal combustion engines. Steam, Sterling Cycle, Electric motors, etc. are all different. The "5252" is a constant. IF you come across a supposed dyno printout where the Torque curve and the HP curve do not cross at or close to 5252 RPM, something is wrong.


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but what do you guys think about the 4 speed stick in my 89, 2wd toyota pick up? is it something i should keep or get rid of?


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i dunno if its the same transmission, but my old 86 4runner manual transmission had 240k on it, never had to rebuild trans or motor (22re), so i would keep it. besides if it does break later on just replace it then. No reason to replace it now unless you plan on racing?

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well, i do plan on racing, but that wont happen for a while. i still need to do the front end, cab cage, fuel cell, rear end, and most of the crap so that i can put my truck into a prerunner class. but my trans is good to go for a long time, i bought the truck when the trans had 3400 miles on a total rebuild. but i kinda like the gearing of the 5 speed, but i wanted to hear some advantages or disadvantages about the 4 speed befor i made a decision. thanks though. and by the way, i have the 22-R and love it!!