Hossfeld Benders


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Anyone out there using a Hossfeld No. 2 bender? If so what do you like and dislike about it. I may be able to acquire one for a pretty good price.


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I've been using one for about ten years. The thing works great. Dies are expensive, but well worth the money. The only thing I would change about it is the lack of hydraulics. Mine is a manual. I've been tempted several times to add the hydraulics to it, but cost vs. amount of use has always been a problem. Make sure you have a open space to mount it if it is without hyd. If it doesn't come with the dies and other attachments, it can get pretty expensive to equip it. Mike Hinson-Bakersfield


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I was recently looking at the JD^2 page and they list some dies that can be used on the Hosfeld as I recall. Something about a simple change to the die and they fit. Believe it was the dies for their No. 3 or 4 bender, not their No. 2. An option anyway.

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