How do I lower the front of a stock VW???


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So, what is the best, cheapest way to lower the front beam on a 1969 beetle chassis....??? Kit car friends need to know...

"Ok VW guys, I like my Ghia front end, it gives me disk brakes. But it is too stiff and too tall. Sooo, what I've figured to do is lose the torsion bar springs and go with shorter coil over air shocks, than I can pump them when going through a big dip. But how do I do that ? I can't just remove the springs, they hold the arms on. Removing the lock nuts in the middle of the tubes are only locators, Right? Are the dimples in the middle of the tubes holding the center mounts and if I grind out the dimple and remove the lock nuts, will that free up the springs ? Suggestions...."


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They are not torsion bars, they are leaf packs. You can cut some of the leaves to soften it up, but you need to keep the same size blocks in the center and ends for the grub screws to clamp on. Stock towers will not like having to support the car for very long. What he really needs to do this right is through rods like coilover cars use and coilover type shock mounts tied into the pan pretty well.

Put leaf adjusters in the beam, set the ride height and live with it.