On Topic How hot does it get in a front-engine off-road car?

Dave In Florida

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I'm considering building a truggy for a play car. One thing that concerns me is the heat from the engine/trans/radiator coming into the passenger compartment while running. I'm curious, how hot does it get in the interior of a front-engine car? The car would have a windshield and full firewall. I'd also run insulation around the floor and firewall, and would even consider a double layer of aluminum with insulation in the middle for the floor, firewall, and trans tunnel.

Josh 8

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It's gets really hot. The windshield is what does it to you. When your clipping a long at any speed there is a slight drop in the air pressure in the cab of the car/truck and under the roof. This slight drop In pressure sucks all the heat in to the car and gets it real hot. Plus it pulls all the stink and carbon monoxide in to gas you to death.

The only way front engine truck work when they have a windshield is to have a back window. If you loose the back window you have to kick the front out for all the reasons above. I think a truggy would be the same way.

On an 8 truck you can feel the heat from the engine and radiator when the hood is off but it's not bad with the the hood on. And this is with out any windows so the wind blows through.
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leave the windows out and put the radiator and oil coolers behind the cockpit then leave room for some heat shields between your headers and your firewall/floor pan and it will not heat up too bad.