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How to check ball joints?


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Is there a way to check them. I think my lower ball joints are bad on my '92 explorer and I'm hoping to install my new radius arms this weekend (assuming they are built) and I figure I might as well do the ball joints at the same time before I get it aligned. Also since I'm doing the lower ones I figure I might as well do the uppers at the same time. Anyways, I wedged a prybar in there and pried (sp?) against them and could move them quit a bit. Is there an appropriate way to check them?

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Yes, there are loaded and unloaded ball joints. On A arm trucks, that have the spring tension on the lower arm, just jack up the lower arm, and put a pry par under the tire.

If the spring is on the upper arm, put a wrench from the frame to the upper arm, hold it there, then jack the frame up to take the load off the upper arm.

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My rule of thumb has always been that if I could shake the tire up and down while it's in the air, time for new ball joints. What I mean by this is, if you can move the tire in and out, top to bottom. I'm sure you understand what I am trying to say, I am just at a loss for words today. I am trying to get things going for a new job, while trying to figure out all this stuff at work, and fixing other people's mistakes.


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