How to convert GPS files for Google Earth


I know this will probably get moved, but I've been getting a lot of "how do I do this" emails.


Download THIS FREE Program here (Download GTM Free) in the left column

There is a tool where you select your destination file - the .usr file and selct the output as "google earth .kml" file... click the convert button and it instantly converts it for you.

This will work for MOST GPS file systems and will cross convert any of them to any of the others!

The results are often times NOT perfect, but it saves HOURS of work.

Good luck!
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Speaking of "how to" questions, I found your link here and on MORE's race talk on the Google Earth race course for the ORAF 500:

I down loaded the Google Earth program and then tried the link. I was prompted to select the program to open the link with and I selected Google Earth. It appears like it wants to open, but then crashes.:( How about a basic "how to" on the Google Earth program?


Edit: Thanks for the link DesertGuy1, I figured it out.

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My personal favorite for converting files is GPS Babel - it's open source freeware and it works great with almost any OS.

File formats GPS Babel handles:

Alan Map500 tracklogs (.trl)
Alan Map500 waypoints and routes (.wpr)
Brauniger IQ Series Barograph Download
Cambridge/Winpilot glider software
CarteSurTable data file
Cetus for Palm/OS
CoastalExplorer XML
Comma separated values
CompeGPS data files (.wpt/.trk/.rte)
CoPilot Flight Planner for Palm/OS
cotoGPS for Palm/OS
Data Logger iBlue747 csv
Dell Axim Navigation System (.gpb) file format
DeLorme .an1 (drawing) file
DeLorme GPL
DeLorme Street Atlas Plus
DeLorme Street Atlas Route
DeLorme XMap HH Native .WPT
DeLorme XMap/SAHH 2006 Native .TXT
DeLorme XMat HH Street Atlas USA .WPT (PPC)
Destinator Itineraries (.dat)
Destinator Points of Interest (.dat)
Destinator TrackLogs (.dat)
EasyGPS binary format
Embedded Exif-GPS data (.jpg)
FAI/IGC Flight Recorder Data Format
Franson GPSGate Simulation
G7ToWin data files (.g7t)
Garmin 301 Custom position and heartrate
Garmin Logbook XML
Garmin MapSource - gdb
Garmin MapSource - mps
Garmin MapSource - txt (tab delimited)
Garmin PCX5
Garmin POI database
Garmin Points of Interest (.gpi)
Garmin serial/USB protocol
Garmin Training Centerxml .loc
GeocachingDB for Palm/OS
Geogrid-Viewer ascii overlay file (.ovl)
Geogrid-Viewer tracklogs (.log)
GEOnet Names Server (GNS)
GeoNiche .pdb
GlobalSat DG-100/BT-335 Download
Google Earth (Keyhole) Markup Language
Google Maps XML
Google Navigator Tracklines (.trl)
GoPal GPS track log (.trk)
GPS TrackMaker
GPSBabel arc filter file
GpsDrive Format
GpsDrive Format for Tracks
GPSPilot Tracker for Palm/OS
Holux (gm-100) .wpo Format
Holux M-241 (MTK based) Binary File Format
Holux M-241 (MTK based) download
HSA Endeavour Navigator export File
HTML Output
Humminbird tracks (.ht)
Humminbird waypoints and routes (.hwr)
IGN Rando track files
iGO2008 points of interest (.upoi)
IGO8 .trk
Jelbert GeoTagger data file
Kartex 5 Track File
Kartex 5 Waypoint File
Kompass (DAV) Track (.tk)
Kompass (DAV) Waypoints (.wp)
KuDaTa PsiTrex text
Lowrance USR
Magellan Explorist Geocaching
Magellan Mapsend
Magellan NAV Companion for Palm/OS
Magellan SD files (as for eXplorist)
Magellan SD files (as for Meridian)
Magellan serial protocol
MagicMaps IK3D project file (.ikt)
Map&Guide 'TourExchangeFormat' XML
Map&Guide to Palm/OS exported files (.pdb)
MapAsia track file (.tr7) Mapconverter CSV
MapTech Exchange Format
Microsoft AutoRoute 2002 (pin/route reader)
Microsoft Streets and Trips (pin/route reader)
Microsoft Streets and Trips 2002-2007
Motorrad Routenplaner (Map&Guide) .bcr files
MS PocketStreets 2002 Pushpin
MTK Logger (iBlue 747,...) Binary File Format
MTK Logger (iBlue 747,Qstarz BT-1000,...) download
National Geographic Topo .tpg (waypoints)
National Geographic Topo 2.x .tpo
National Geographic Topo 3.x/4.x .tpo XML
Navigon Mobile Navigator .rte files
Navigon Waypoints
NaviGPS GT-11/BGT-11 Download
Navitel binary track (.bin)
Navitrak DNA marker format
NetStumbler Summary File (text)
NIMA/GNIS Geographic Names File
NMEA 0183 sentences
Nokia Landmark Exchange
OpenStreetMap data files
PalmDoc Output
PathAway Database for Palm/OS
Raymarine Waypoint File (.rwf)
See You flight analysis data
Sportsim track files (part of zipped .ssz files)
Suunto Trek Manager (STM) .sdf files
Suunto Trek Manager (STM) WaypointPlus files
Swiss Map 25/50/100 (.xol)
Tab delimited fields useful for OpenOffice, Ploticus etc.
Textual Output
TomTom Itineraries (.itn)
TomTom POI file (.asc)
TomTom POI file (.ov2)
TopoMapPro Places File
TrackLogs digital mapping (.trl)
U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Mapping Service
Universal csv with field structure in first line
Vcard Output (for iPod)
VidaOne GPS for Pocket PC (.gpb)
Vito Navigator II tracks
Vito SmartMap tracks (.vtt)
WiFiFoFum 2.0 for PocketPC XML
Wintec WBT-100/200 Binary File Format
Wintec WBT-100/200 GPS Download
Wintec WBT-201/G-Rays 2 Binary File Format
Yahoo Geocode API data


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I don't want to be "that guy" but I need some techno help. I'm trying to convert files from this page
to files that can be uploaded to Lowrance in a .usr file.
I use the Backcounty Adventures books by Massey all the time but have been manually typing in all the waypoints (converting from 100's to 60's in each input) and found the site above that has all the files. But it's in .rxf format. I've tried Ozi, Babel, G7towin and I can't figure out how to use any of them. I got off the technology train at DVD's, I have an Ipod but my teenager has to load music for me. That's my techno level.


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Nevermind, I might have figured out Babel if it works. I will have to get home and see if the file will upload to .usr.


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GPS Visualizer and GPS Babel work great. Play around with em and youll figure it out.


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Now how do you draw a route using Google Maps, then open in Google earth and convert to usr for Lowrance? Babel won't transfer all the data, GSP Vis only does the opposite way. My file has both draw on roads and placemarks in google maps/earth. I haven't played with GTM listed above yet but it was complicated the first time I looked at it.


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If anything this is for my future reference as I got if figured out.

From Backcountry Adventures.
• Choose route, right click, file save as .rxf
• OpenGPSBabel
• Input file: Maptech exchange format (.mxf)
• Output file: lowrance (.usr)
Converting from .usr to google earth.
• Go to GPS Trackmaker
• Open .usr file
• Save as .kml file
• Open .kml file in google earth
Converting from google maps to lowrance
• Will convert only trails, not placemarks
• Make route in google maps.
• Click view in google earth
• Save as a .kml file
• Go to google earth and open file.
• Should be open in temporary places.
• Right click and save as .kml file
• Go to GPS Trackmaker
• Open file from .kml
o Note: click merge file to open more tracks.
o Delete excess trails (stray lines) here so they don’t end up on the .usr file
• Save file as .usr


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OK...a little help needed:confused: Downloaded the free GTM but when I try to open the Lowrance .usr file to save as a Google Earth .kml file I get the following error:

'Current version doesn't support this file! Please, download the new version of GTM.'

I find no 'new version'. Anybody else having the same issue?

If not, can somebody please convert the file if I send it to them?


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