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how to properly set my camburg hub bearing preload/end play

installing my crush sleeves my 03 sierra, i have camburg 2.0 replacement hubs. I need advice on how much end play and preload should be set, camburg has on there site .006 preload. also how to properly set it i have magnetic dial indicators and stuff just need the guidance thanks.


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Sorry its a long reply. At an educated guess. (One of my many jobs in being a blast hole drill component reman specialist for sandvik and epiroc is rebuilding the gearboxes that turn the drill rod.) I would say wind the lock nut in until you have zero movement on the hub. As in put the indicator on the outer edge of the mounting face. Then tighten the nut until you cant "wiggle" the hub anymore. Once this "zero" has been achieved. Move the indicator to the back of the nut. Then screw it in until the incator has moved 0.006" and in my opion that should be 6 thousands of an inch preload. Since you have a crush sleeve. This may be quite difficult. As you are deforming the sleeve to get the setting. To get a better setup. You could measure the sleeve once set and make a solid sleeve. Then everytime you wash and regrease the bearings you only need to do it up tight and you will know it is set right. This is how we set up the sumners brothers hubs on a very old mike julson raced jimco. (1998 era) Although we used large solder rods for set up instead of the crush sleeve. Then made precision spacers using a lathe and surface grinder to make servicing simpler.

Jerry from camburg is on here. I think his user name is zaiden or something. Hit him up. Camburg usually has good customer support.


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They should be solid sleeves to start with. And a little long. Tighten the hubs up on the spacer. Measure freeplay as far in on the hub as possible. Out on the rotor will give you false readings if it rocks any at all. Take the amount of freeplay+.006 off the spacers. Make sure you indicate them in the lathe before you cut to make sure it's square.