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How to repair the Mint 400 Race file with LEADNAV


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A few folks brought to my attention that this weeks Mint 400 GPS file was a little awkward. With this being a big race I went ahead and took advantage of this scenario to throw together a quick How To video on dealing with Event files that....are NOT so perfect.

This should absolutely be taken care of by the folks running the actual events, but hopefully this is a big help for those around the world running some of the smaller events that are just getting started.

Please pass this on and hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable event.

Here you go!



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You should offer your services to do this each race.


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We actually did put this race repair up on our store for purchase and in the future we are looking at a yearly direct support program.

It is just very tough to do as there is literally a race worldwide every weekend and we do not work directly with all of these race organizations. So, often it is hard getting the race file and doing the work. Then having to deal with them changing the course last minute. So it really comes down to each team putting the work in themselves and paying attention to the race meetings.


Thank you for the video, i did notice the route was backwards ahead of time but the above video was extremely helful