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I think it would be really cool if race-dez got some info on how to do some things related to off-roading. Fabrication pointers, fiberglass instalation, performance reviews on shops and manufacturer's products, opinions on how to do things right the first time. Maybe even some information on how suspension systems work (for dummies) this site probably attracts a lot of people that are interested in prerunners, tt's etc., but that lack a lot of the knowledge a lot of us have. Kind of lot to ask from a free no profit site, but just some ideas.


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Very good idea.

OK, here is the deal.
We will post any good tech article in our articles section. Once we have a couple of tech articles together we will open a tech section.

This might be the time for the fabricators and race shops to shine.
Write ahead, we will edit it and compliment it with pictures and post it giving you all the credit your disserve.

I am not sure if we said it before, but rdc is pretty much your side. We are nothing but a bunch of fans just like you that took things a little bit further and express our hobby in a web page. Anyone is welcomed to be part of it and as a matter of fact some of the last picture coverage came from fans such as Jeff/dezdude, Eric/deserrat, Tony Tellier (top tips plus) and some others (sorry if your name is not mentioned) that go out, spend their own money to share what we all like with everyone.

If you plan on getting involved or plan on opening yet another offroad racing webpage talk to us first. We have webspace to host your project or better yet could make you part of the rdc family. RDC doesn't pay any money but we pass on benefits that we get offered day in, day out. Co-rides, VIP treatment by the promoters, an in-depth look into the sport 'you hear it first' and some exposure to photography and web design that might help you in your future career.

rdc is zero pressure, fun first low budget web journalism.


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...and that's why i check it every/ervery other day...CUZ IT'S THE BEST!!!!


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This sounds like a good idea, there's not only some good questions but also some experienced and talented resources out there for answers or advice. Go for it!