Howdy from Lake Tahoe


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I'm a long time desert rider. I started in District 37 and raced through my high school years. I'm now 53 and still ride my WR 450 as much as possible. We have a house in Johnson Valley and I go to Baja alot. I am trading my 2 wheel thrill for 4 wheels in the form of a Class 1 buggy. Its well under way and we hope to have it completed for next years BITD Vegas to Reno. Thought that would be a good start for the team as we will end up at home. I have been a professional firefighter for over 30 years. I share a commercial shop with a couple of good friends of varying backgounds. I have been reading and using this website for a couple of years and value the sources, information, parts and news it provides. I look forward to getting more involved with your community and hope to learn more from all of you. Additionally I would like to meet folks in the Carson/Tahoe/Reno area who are fabricators. Thanks, Greg Long