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Jun 24, 2009
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My name is tom brown,
been racing in the dezert for 30+ years,started on a xr-75 in the 70's when my dad used to chase me around the desert on his husqvarna 450, i blew a gasket the day i got my husky cr 125,..........since then its been everything from mickey thompson stadium racing on 3 wheelers ,motocross , etc,in 97 i purchased a class 5
unlimited car that we raced competitively until 2006. That car is in denver and will be raced by painters grinding shortly. Since then i have had the opportunity to drive racecars for banning motorsports,rob martinsen, and mostly my good friend red burgin all some of the greatest people out there. Have won my
share of races and overalled a few also, class 5 was fun. Building a new pre-runner so i may continue to
enjoy the offerings of baja, once completed, a new race car.class unknown ..........we will see whats out there. We started phat kat catering a mobil food service that we use at outdoor motorsports events,..
Mainly desert races, we serve good healthy food, no junk ,and it seems to work out well, the racers like
what we offer,and hopefully continue to support us as we do them. Been monitoring race-dezert since its beginning, just felt like its time to add my .02 worth for what ever reason........glad im here.........lets get after it.........and keep our deserts clean and open ......
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