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Hi my name is Gil, I like long walk on the beach, Kitten, puppies, sunset.....

Ok so I'm curently working in Iraq. My truck is in storage in Idaho. When I get back I plan on caging my truck so I can do some 1450 races dependign on were y company sticks me I will be buying a race truck/car i am curently slotted to go to Ft. Lewis, WA if that the deal then it will a Rally car if I get my choice I am tring to get to Ft. Irwin in Barstow and then I will look at gettign a 9 car and building a truck.

So here is my curent junk.. It's 05 Nissan Frontier 4wd Crew Cab. SLR did most the work on the front. made the bumper, Upper Control Arms, and tweeked and plated the lowers. I'm running Kings in the front SAWs in the back getting 12 inchs front and 10 inces rear.