Hp tuner help genv (systems FANS)


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Jul 28, 2018
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I’m having a hell of a time trying to find a guide on what graphs and boxes in the fan area of the tune do or mean or reference...
Like torque zones... what torque?

Im running a spal brushless fan and so that means the signal to the fan is opposite of stock. So if stock starts at 16% then o had to change it to 84% in the tune. If max fan speed was 90% in the stock tune I had to change it to 10%...

problem is I can’t get the fan to turn on for the ac. I updated the desired % vs ac... but nada.

there are 5 other boxes ghat I think have something to do with my issue. But I can’t find out what they reference...the tuning school book is worthless, goat rope and lacota both said they don’t know....

Also, when the fan should be on due to ect temps, the scanner still shows the fan off.
The brushless fans are so quiet it’s hard to tell when your in the cab. I may up the fan speed to make the “wind” more noticeable so I am sure they are on or not. But I was advised to have the starting speed low ish and then let the next box ramp up.

right now they are supposed to come on at 212... (that was the factory lowest temp on the fan graph and I believe the target temp for the engine tune)
If I can figure out how to change that graph I’ll lower it to 205 degrees and have it start at 85 (15% speed) and then 212 the next box and have it at 65 (35% speed) and then get faster from there.

I can’t be the first person to modify fans in hptuner controlled gm vehicles.

Any hptuner folk on here? Or know someone that actually knows the systems part of the OS. I’m happy to pay for their time.


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