Hubbs-SeaWorld **Photos** by LORENZstudio

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We had the opportunity to attend Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute first anual WSB tourney today. What a great place. 30-50# Yellow Tail right in our backyard, it looked like a huge above ground swimming pool with brood stock swimming in circles. Did you know Yellow Tail yawn... Yeh, me either. The tank was 15' deep, with one viewing window. The camera didn't take to well to the plexiglass.

Halibut tanks with larvae all the way up to fingerlings all in one facility. What a great behind the scenes peek.

Pennie the Penguin says "HELLO in there..."
Arctic Fox
I like shinny things

Octopus and guarding her babies
Halibut larvae up close, Yellow Tail larvae behind it. The good ones float to the top.