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Huckfest 2011 #1458 Tacoma Bodywork???


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Who makes the bodywork on the #1458 Tacoma (don't know who the owner was or what series it's raced in, assuming it's not just a number sticker for the sake of a number sticker. . .no offense meant if you are the owner, you just never know anymore) seen at the 2011 Huckfest and pictured in the latest issue of Offroad magazine?

May be getting a Toyota in trade for some fab work on a friends Tacoma. . .he will have two Tacoma's and is ready to get rid of one, and I will be the lucky recipient; not to make anyone sick, but that will be the second free truck I will have recieved in a year. . .this one is on ORV only title so it would be perfect for a race truck project build and will allow me to keep my Ranger as a tamer street-legal pre-runner.