HUGE 1600 car BWDC

It just looks taller because it is a JIMCO - and everyone knows the JIMCO 1600's float over everything giving the appearance of being taller.

P.s. For sale: 1-1600 JIMCO. Passes Trophy Trucks with ease.

Mike @ pit b

Old Jimco car 1/1600. I am assuming it's the same single seater that has been around for years? Car has many wins and championships on it from Conlon, Sammy Erehnberg, and LJ Kennedy... Making a 1600 car sit higher is no trick.
It also won the 2006 Baja 1000 in class. That car is over 20 years old.


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Sammy had the car built in 2000. it won the 500 in 2000.Its about 11 years old. Won several times. Always a blast to drive - super comfortable and will go over anything in its path. We did win the 1000 to La Paz in 06 and I believe Sammy and Adam Wiks were 2nd at the 500 in 05 plus others. Many other podiums and so forth. Wish Sammy still had it. Wasnt heavy when we raced it. It was well under 1600 lbs. once you learned how it handled being a little taller, it was so much fun. You could fly it high and have no worry and it worked awesome on the fast roads of Baja. I miss that car.

C. Bucher

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It's for sale too.... Shameless plug; check the classifieds for info.