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Huge congrats !

Canidae co dawg

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Congratulations to the whole householder motorsports team on the win today at henderson ! Had alot of fun race with u today Adam .

RFS Motorsports

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Great job Adam. Two W's this season!


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Congratulations guys! Well done! There were quite a few of us at the MORE race pulling for you yesterday. It was so cool to come home and find out you won. Looking forward to next year. Great job!


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They don't get much cooler than Adam Householder. One of the nicest guys in the sport, proud to call him a friend and pumped to see him battle all day to get that win. He was FLYING on the final lap!

ML Racer

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Hade one going lost powersteering ! Well get it Fiqured out soon buddie !
Huh, what is a "Hade one going lost powersteering"??? Which one of the Scott's needs to go to the gym to work on their arms to Git R Done!! JK, sorry to hear about yer power steering issue.......next year!!


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nice work Adam...great finish to the season..

El Mamito USMC

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congrats, good luck in 2012