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Huge purse at the 1st Annual Weddle Industries "Sweet 16 Shootout"

Robin Hood

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Real Question...What are the chances this race gets canceled?

At this point I am still preparing and planning to race, but today I got notice from my kids school that if anyone travels to California they expect/require a 14 day quarantine. Well...what do you do now? It's spring break and this is what the family was going to do. As of now our plan is to take it day by day and see what happens, after all a lot can change between now and then.


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I don't think the school has that kind of juice. Is the school gonna have guards watching the borders to see who goes to Cali?

Robin Hood

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I don't think the school has that kind of juice. Is the school gonna have guards watching the borders to see who goes to Cali?
No...and I don't necessarily agree with it, but I'm not going to be the guy that doesn't comply with their rules and think my desires and vacation is more important than the community at large. If we decide to take him, then he will stay home for two additional weeks after spring break. Besides, in this day and age I am sure others will know or find out he was in CA. Imagine the backlash if he just happened to end up being a carrier and I put him back in school.


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The carriers are already out there, they have been since December at least. Many folks have already have this and wrote it off as a cold or the flu. Until the strain was identified, and the hype started, this was just the winter virus that goes around every year. Not exactly sure why it is getting so hyped now.


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Race is not getting cancelled. We have multiple plans in place to prevent any large crowd gatherings to stay in accordance with current San Bernardino County measures.

24 Pre-Entered...this is gonna be a very challenging race course...as the early pre-runners have already found out. Make sure you spend some time tuning your shocks! 8 Laps through the "mile of danger" won't be fun if you don't.

#1617 Michael "BUD" Ward
Hemet, CA

BFGoodrich Tires
Fox Shocks
Ramona Tire Service Centers
Horsepower Ranch Ensenada
Archibald Sheet Metal
Motorsports Safety Gear.

#1653 Adam Carpenter

Santa Ana, CA

Unique Fabrication, Inc.
A & D Raceprep
King Shocks
Trans West

#1656 Blake Plourd

El Centro, CA

El Toro Motorsports
Goodsell Transmission

#1660 Terry Jeffers

Hyattville, WY

#1676 Robby Macdonald

Apple Valley, CA

Splattered Ink

#1607 Charles Lathrem

Tucson, AZ

Lathrem Motorsports
The Lathrem Companies, Inc
Weddle Industries

#1665 Raul Solano

Apple Valley, CA

#1691 Austin Wulstein

Apple Valley, CA

Griggs Racing Engines
Dave Saarloos
Checkers Offroad

#1631 Kaleb Marschall

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Philco General Construction
San Clemente Auto Service

#16__ Matt Depue

Barstow, CA

#1618 Andrew Sanford

Costa Mesa, CA

BSB Offroad
STS Shotcrete
Black Flys
GG Lighting
Kings Powdercoating

#1690 Matt Creveling

Garden Grove, CA

Kaveman Motorsports
Dixon Metal Finishing

#1698 James Woods
Apple Valley, CA

RCWs Enterprises
King shock
Ok Tire
G1 Signs
DFT Trans
PRP Seats

#1603 Reece Pettersen

Fallbrook, CA

JR Pettersen
Penn Sign
Sponsor NEEDED

#1657 Garrett Curran

Fontana, CA

FSM Racing
Hooked Up Motorsports
Jimenez Racing Engines
Dave Folts Transmission

#1628 Bradley Drake

Brea, CA

Triple A Flooring inc.
PCI Race Radios
Sunoco Race Fuel
King Shocks
Dave Volts Transmissions
All Steel Motor/Chassis

#1686 Daniel Deen
Long Beach, CA

DRT Motorsports
Major Performance

#1605 Bryan Johnson

Riverside, CA

Lone Kid Racing
King Shocks
F&L Racing Fuel
PCI Race Radios
KC Hilites

#1623 Bryce Farrar

Fillmore, CA

Transaxle Engineering
Craig Harvey
Dennis Beeghly

#1622 Justin Cockrell

Barstow, CA

Barstow Tire and Brake
Barstow Towing
Barstow Truck Service
King Shocks

#1694 Harley Hendrickson

Murrieta, CA

Baja Designs
Nexgen Offroad

#1609 Jack Clinkenbeard
Orange, CA

Cyclone Performance Products
Bang Energy

#1621 Mike Harvey

Riverside, CA

Harvey Motorsports
Major Performance Racing Engines
Eversen Performance

#1683 Friedrich Hirt

Huntington Beach, CA


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The Weddle Industries Sweet 16 / TJ Craig Memorial Shootout did not disappoint!

The two mile qualifying course was technical to say the least. After one parade lap the driver's were begging for another sight lap and their request was granted.

After the dust settled two high compression motors bested the low comps with Timothy Craig and Kaleb Marschall qualifying 1,2 only separated by .37 seconds.

Roughly an hour after qualifying was over, seventeen 1600's took the green flag all with hopes of becoming the Weddle Industries Sweet 16 Champion.

After lap 1, Bryce Farrar was physically out front setting fast lap of the race. Unfortunately, fuel pump issues would end his run soon after.

Lap 2 had Justin Cockrell out front followed by Michael Bud Ward and Kaleb Marschall.

Lap 3 Cockrell would continue to lead now trailed by Kaleb Marschall and Robby Macdonald.

Lap 4 and 5 kept Justin Cockrell / Timothy Craig out front still trailed by Kaleb Marschall and now Mike Michael Harvey / Bryan Johnson had battled back up to 3rd.

Lap 6 would see 2nd and 3rd swap positions while Reece Pettersen and Tom Craig were making a late race charge.

At the finish line taking the checkers would be a new physical leader, Michael Harvey / Bryan Johnson with Justin Cockrell / Timothy Craig only 12 seconds physically behind. Harvey/Johnson started the day 45 seconds ahead so on corrected time they would take 2nd place, making Justin Cockrell / Timothy Craig the Weddle Industries Sweet 16 Shootout Champs. Reece Pettersen would receive the checkers minutes later followed by Terry Jeffers / Tom Craig who started the day dead last. On corrected time Jeffers / Craig would take the 3rd spot on the Weddle Industries Sweet 16 Shootout podium.

With 17 participants, the Weddle Industries Sweet 16 Shootout paid out $13,200!!

Top Qualifier:....Tim Craig...........$1000. (HC)
Fast Lap:.......... Bryce Farrar.......$1000 (LC)
1st Place:.........Cockrell/Craig.....$6500 (LC)
2nd Place:.......Harvey/Johnson..$2900 (LC)
3rd Place:........Jeffers/Craig.......$1800 (HC)

I guess the new high compression restrictor plate rules helped as the top qualifier and 3rd place finisher was powered by a high compression motor (HC).

Stay tuned for the Champions artwork from Off Road Racing Designs and the Sweet 16 Shootout video from 239 FILMS!!!

Weddle Sweet 16nodate.jpg



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$6500 in winnings and 2 one-of-a-kind trophies wasn't enough for the Weddle Industries, TJ Craig Memorial, Sweet 16 Shootout champs, so we had Off Road Racing Designs draw them up a little something.....


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Checkout the Weddle Industries, TJ Craig Memorial Sweet 16 Shootout highlights from 239 Films!!!