Hurricane Jimena AND tropical storm Kevin



if you plan on a Baja Sur visit --- plan again! Looks like we could get some don here the next few days. yesterdays Costera 250 got delayed by an hour or so for the car start but that was nothing if the forecast comes thru:

Hurricane Jimena

Tropical storm Kevin

Time to stock up on beer here..... ;)


here the latest on "the 2"!
Looks like Kevin no really have 'huevos" and not unite with Jimena.
Jimena - oh well, more beer runs due i guess and stocking up on fuel for the generator.

We had this afternoon a little thunderstorm for about an hour, good enough to have no power at Fidepaz for 2 hours. The last years beem not so bad but if I think back at Marty 2003.....

I'll update the as I get the feeds in from NOAA and hope the #4 classification drops....




Category 5 or not...

The mexican navy rated Jimena already a Category 5 - NOOA talks about "almost" a 5 and most people here give a @#$% about 4 or 5. In the past strong hurricane means a few days no electricity and internet and tons of clean up.

Not much shopping to see out of the normal so far. No lines at the pemex stations.

Hurricane hunter plane went hunting today and they also claim an unusual strong hurricane.

The biggest question right now is the path the storm will take. Stay at the Westcoast or cut over to SoC and where.

In La Paz the weather today was overcast, a few sprinkles and some wind. Still hot and muggy.


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Latest from NHC says max sustained winds of 155 mph. This one sounds like it has potential to be really nasty. Be careful.


MattV: Like your signature....

Jimena still is way's out yet I'm happy to see the shift it did in tracking.
Looks like that the landfall is little further north and from there also less populated areas.

In La Paz this morning grey sky and some very light rain. No signs of any shopping frenzies as written about at some news sites. Same with gas, seen no lines at any Pemex

On a personal level I'm not so worry about the wind. As long as you live in a reasonable home and tuck everything away it's an impressive experience, in particular the first time.

My concerns go to the rain and the run-off when streets turn into rivers and cars come sideways at you.....

I been thru a bunch of 'canes the last almost 10 years here and looking at the positive site: I made some of my real good friends that been before "just some neighbor down the road" afterward during clean-up and helping out always ending with a "serious" party...