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Hi, everyone. I decided to call Mike Novall at NORRA after the Mexican 1000 Rally was cancelled to offer to help him with the Rally For Relief effort. We brought in our first shipment in a full size truck and trailer through the Tecate border.... the following is a Readers' Digets condensed version of events. I placed a call to a good friend of mine that's a congressman (Diputado Adolfo Gonzalez Agundez)in South Baja, Comondu area. His district covers the Constitucion, Insurgentes, Puerto San Carlos, Lopez Mateos and the ranches and villages in the area. La Purisima was was also affected next to Comondu Comondu county. I called him before I contacted Mike at Norra to see if I could offer him as liasion or a contact. He offered to help and/or fly up to the border if it was necessary to expedite the Customs process. He stated that the city of Tecate had just offered themselves as Sister cities to Comondu and Mulege, so the ball started rolling from careful what you wish for!! LOL In short we had a full size truck and trailer waiting with two enthusiastic South Dakotians with of 5-6 thousand lbs of water, waiting to drive the Baja. After endless calls to the city of Tecate, failed comms, failed faxes, letters, etc. we finally got them through the Tecate border. The first calls started at around 9-10 AM, and they were through the border at around 7-8 PM. I honestly didn't expect to be able to get them through the border on the same day because we were getting our ducks in a row for later shipments but these boys weren't willing to wait and it made everybody shine. It worked out well in the end because everybody pulled together and nobody dropped the ball. I will list the people that helped us and their contact numbers at the end of this post, as usual if I forget someone, sorry, it was kind of hectic!! The people in the Tecate city mayor's (Donaldo Eduardo Penalosa Silva) office were very helpful in expediting this. They contacted the Mayor's wife (Mrs. Silvia Penalosa) who is in charge of DIF (Desarollo Integral de la Familia) the family assistance program at city level. She was nice enough to contact Aduana at the Tecate port of entry after they closed the offices. They asked us for some pertinent information and a letter of request of assistance. The boys were through around 7-8 and and in Ensenada (where I am) by around 10. They spent the night here in Ensenada and after breakfast and loading the Gatorade that was donated the day before, they were headed south. It's sad that we have to go through this painstaking process to import donations, but it's the way it is and we mexicans (and american racers!!) just deal with it. By now they have delivered the goods and should be across the border by tonite. The Red Cross in Santa Rosalia, received this shipment and redistributed it.

During a radio interview Sunday with KCBQ AM 1170 with Dave Stall of SOCAL Off Road Radio Show I had the Comondu Mayor and the congressman on hold just trying to get a realtime status report. I never got my real 2 cents worth in, so I'm using this venue to try to rally some more help. Baja Bush Pilots plans on slowing down their flights soon. They plan on doing a final assault this weekend then I guess they start tapering off their flights. Please keep in mind that they fly their help in because their infrastructure there is gone and this way they can deal with Mexican customs easier. Although their payload capacity is significantly smaller, the help gets there FAST. Maybe now we can help by accessing the area by land. We went to school with this shipment and now we can try to help by trucking construction material, more food, clothing, etc. The area is still a disaster zone, although accessible by land now. For a better idea of what's needed, go to to see their list of things that's imperative right now. Although the hurricane was expected to go through the Cabo area, it seems to have veered off north a bit and caused damage all the way from Magdalena Bay on the Pacific and Loreto on the Sea of Cortez side and up to Santa Rosalia northbound. Initially just the Comondu area lost 1000 power poles and 100 high tension poles. The power company already had people there before the hurricane and they got to work right after and powered them up pretty quickly in this area. The help people have been getting in this area is very limited and even the gov't is broke right now. They are in dire need of building materials, among many other basic necessities. The mexican gov't has helped these people by giving them sheet metal for roofs, but no nails and boards?? I would like to use posting to try to thank the people that have helped in this effort.

The City of Tecate, Mayor Donaldo Penalosa and his wife Silvia Penalosa.

The National DIF program(Desarrollo Integral de la Familia) and specially the Tecate DIF, run by the Mrs. Silvia Penalosa.

The Red Cross in Santa Rosalia for helping to coordinate this help.

The Office of Secretario General De Municipio de Tecate, Jose Carlos Perez Terpuli
Phone (665) 654-9214

The people at TECATE ADUANA Point of Entry, who were helpful in expeditiously getting Rob and Brent through, even though we had only notified them hours prior to entry.

Daniel Rodriguez and everybody at Amigo Technologies in San Diego

Congresman Adolfo Gonzalez Agundez, in Comondu County (Baja Sur) for allowing us to follow through with his contacts and pursue the Tecate access POE.

Claudia Cardoza and Jack Mc Collough and everybody at It's hard to fathom all the work they do. As a mexican national, my heartfelt thanks!!

Malcolm Taylor, in Ensenada at Youth With a Mission (619) 240-7872 and (619) 495-8600 for donating the pallets of Gatorade!!

All the donators that make this possible.

Pepe Gonzalez at Gonzalez Race Prep in (011 52 646 177- 4378) Ensenada for volunteering his two trucks (that we WILL be using) and 20' enclosed to transport from Ensenada.

Justin Matney at ( RPM Off Road in Tennesse for the donations he doesn't know yet he will be making!!!

Thank you, everyone!!!

Rafael Grijalva Ensenada, B.C.

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I don't think people know how many people were affected by this storm. There is an american lady in san juanico her name is Boozie and she has been getting donations from the U.S. via paypal and then going to the super ley in constitucion and spending all of the money. then she goes out to the ranchos and gives away all the supplies. I wanted to name her because she has done alot to help those people in need. Thanks Boozie.

Baja Sur needs people to go visit and spend money.


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We have sent our plane down on a few trips filled with supplies and stuff for Baja sur.

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I know that the NORRA folks, the Mexican Red Cross and the people at Off-Road Expo (Advanstar) are going to be mounting a big Hurricane relief/supply effort at the upcoming Off-Road Expo in Pomona. Not only will the Mexican Red Cross be taking financial support at the NORRA booth, but there is also supposed to be a large truck/trailer at the entrance gate for donations of food and clothing that will go direclty to Baja after the event.

If you are coming to Expo, I strongly suggest that you donate to this worthy cause. The people of mid-Baja are suffering and we can all make a difference.


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I'm not going to the expo this weekend but have a large bag full of really nice clothes that I want to donate. Is anyone in the Santa Barbara area going to the expo that could take them?


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I'm going down to San Carlos next weekend. Not
Baja, butt, the people there were hit hard also. Taking
as much "stuff" as I have room for.


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Off-Road Expo is fortunate to be working with NORRA on the Rally for Relief effort. We also worked hard on making sure that there would be a drop point at the entrance to the Off-Road Expo so we could make it as convenient as possble for people to make donations. One of the benefits of having it at the front of the show is that we are near one of the Fairplex security offices so if someone was not going to be attending the Expo and still wanted to make a donation, they would be able to do so without buying a ticket or paying for parking. This also gives us the ability to educate our attendees that come on Friday or Saturday to go home and raid their closets for clothes and supplies and come back the following day just to make a donation. This is one of those cases where anything and everything we can donate will be used and greatly appreciated.