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Hurricane Newton vs Baja. Que Dios este Contigo


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Tough times hitting many of our friends in Baja today. Send some good vibes, prayers, or mojo or whatever floats your boat. The storm looks ROUGH

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Do you think it will be as bad as the last one....???
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punchdrunk monkey

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have there been any updates?


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All is good in Cabo San Lucas. The road north and south of Santa Rosalina is washed out but they are repairing it. For the most part Cabo was back to normal that afternoon. But, lots of power was still out. I got power this morning at 5am. Not to much damage as we drove around town looking. But, we did get gusts over 110mph here. I don't know the official category but it was a Cat 2 in Cabo.

I lost two trees I have been watering for a year hoping they would grow again. Now I see I wasted all that water. LMAO

The unfortunate lose was 5 fishermen from Ensenada who were denied entry into the puerto in Cabo San Lucas. The vessel was found upside down on the beach in Cabo Pulmo (East Cape.) They tried to make it to La Paz for shelter and failed.