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I am on a mission to race every class of off-road vehicle.

I’m on a mission to race every type of off-road vehicle. I want to walk it like I talk it and experience every different class to share the pros and cons of each vehicle, as well as share how easy/difficult it is to build, buy or rent these vehicles and go have loads of fun with your friends and family. The vehicle type really doesn’t matter, as long as you are having fun off-road racing.

I am starting with Jeepspeed.


Racing a Jeepspeed - race-deZert.com

Bdub 1020

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This is great, make sure you race a challenger now known as class 9 , then a 1600 , 12 , 10 and then 1 to get a true understanding of a real buggy dork. Cant wait to read your perspective. Took me many years to do this. Buggy dork for life.
You're a little late for the real Classes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10. ;)

B. R C Arrow

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Trophylite has 3 trucks available for rent, hit up Louis Chamberlain (agavelouis)

ICR Racing 1044

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We can take 3 classes off your list. We rent out our cars we have; 1 - vintage, 1 - class 10 and 2 - 2400's. For the right price ill even rent you my baby, 2406 (the car that just overalled the Mint 400 AM race).

Email the team owner:
Tim carolan

Zac Reish

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Check 2 off your list in one race in the class 5/3000( aka class 3000 cheater car) aka the Grinch. Easily one of the fastest 5 and or 3000 cars.

blue dog

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Start with class 11, finish with TT.


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Arrive and drive gives you the fun part of the experience, but it isn't the same as owning, prepping and dealing with a race car/effort. It's hard to really understand the pro's/con's unless you really walk the walk, pack the trailer and prep your own CV's...

Starting with the Jeep and the less glamorous classes is awesome! Now try 9, 5/16 and 16 and maybe someone around here has an Ecotech truck to rent?
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Or you could journey back to when 20+ 7s racers did it all by themselves with the help of class reps and great organizing.... (787 still race prepped and available).....:D:D:D

The music was recorded at the event by me in the wind and the dust from the band that was playing there live after the race, because I care about that kind of stuff..... That's REAL off road racing music....:eek::eek::confused::cool::cool:

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12 X $250.00 per month to store this lifestyle for 10 years in case I want to do it again.... $30,000.00
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I think you should start with motorcycles if you really want to experience what the Baja has to offer .....pros: most afordable way to race Baja, Cons: it's dangerous


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I'm currently building up a class 5 unlimited. I'm sure we can work something out.