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I am not a Ford guy so hopefully someone here can help me out. I am looking to buy a used full size truck with a V8 so that I can tow my Toyota out to the desert and to races. My question is, Would a mildly built F-150 be okay for towing my truck? I know it should be fine but, is there anything I should steer away from (sorry I'm leaning towards an older style F-150) any particular problems that anyone has encountered with there Fords? I really appreciate any info you can share with me on this topic.

Thank you.

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Stay away from overdrive automatics. They are expensive and blow up regularly when put under a load. Nothing beats the good old 351w/c6 combo. When the 8.8 blows up go down to ecology and get a 9" out of a pre 85 truck/van for 110$ and live happily ever after. They bolt right in, all you need is an adapter u-joint.