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I keep getting a "Security Error" notice at the RDC website

Curtis Guise

I get the oops message sometimes when posting a link to a feature article on our homepage, which just happened with the Jax Redline post I made. It looks like it hangs up on loading the preview for the link. It's still clickable though and eventually the preview shows correctly.


This error is chasing me all over the place however I may have found a solution.

On my test environment I now managed to get rid of this error message where before it constantly popped up.

Who is still experimenting experiencing this?


I just got the Oops message replying to a thread with a link in my reply. It was in Safari on my Mac and kept happening. Switched to Chrome and it posted with no error.
Safari is becoming the new Internet Explorer of browsers... besides that ill call you later and make you try a few things so we can narrow this issue down more.


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Had been popping up for me since last month on chrome. Just realized it's not popping up, logged in or not. Thanks Klaus!