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I like this! :-)


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Pat we know photos can speak louder than words but give us more on the test. Is Scott at home icing his face from smiling too long? How did the truck work? See you in Laughlin.

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To sum it up..

The ride is bitchen. In most respects way more plush than a Protruck, in some others much more harsh. Incredible speed. I think the speed broke the GPS. Pegged it at 110 and I know we went faster.
All in all, the Truck worked great to the best of my observation. Barry Beacham did a superb job getting it ready and his long term knowledge of the vehicle is invaluable. Barry is riding on Saturday and Dana "crusty demons of dirt" Nicholson is in on Sunday.

The truck has Scott's respect and this is good! He didn't get out 'till it was dark.

Did you know that Robbie Gordon's TT is for sale.... :)

Best of luck to you at Laughlin. We'll be there on Thursday night and Sunday. Gotta run to cover the big Parker 400 on Saturday.



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Scott, I heard what happened on the way home. I hope everyone is ok! Just means you will kick butt once you get to the race. Good Luck!



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ohhh yaa, they dig the off road stuff! But they can never understand why the TT's are built to heavy and with so much travel.

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Sure... Please, feel free to re-post any image of Scott's truck that we take as long as it is not altered, used for commercial purpose outside of Scott's sponsors or for reproduction for profit.



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Its good to see the old girl Running again.. Good Luck Scott... We will be rootin for ya..



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PCISCOTT, The truck looks great, can't wait to see it in Laughlin. Do I see a new t-shirt design soon? =)
I must say that the truck looks better black than it ever did red or white......Good luck this weekend. BTW, giving any free rides while testing in Laughlin? If so, you know where my booth is. Say Hi to Kelly and the kids for us.

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