I need a stand alone ECU for a Nissan VQ40


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I race the Yellow Nissan Xterra at BITD and SNORE. I did some relocating of all the electrical in the engine compartment to inside the cab. During this I have caused a no start/no run senerio. I believe it has to do with the CAN-L link which opperates off a pulse signal down small twisted wires (because its not the obviouis). I wired the starter direct, I gave a switched 12v to the power inputs of the ECU and she cranks but still won't run. If you can't fix it in the shop, how the hell could ever fix it the desert? I need to find a stand alone ECU that handles VVT. I can build the harness, but I don't want to cough up $4300 for one from MoTec. Any options or ideas?


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I would give AEM a call, they have some nice full stand alone engine management systems. And they are definitly cheaper than 4500 bones.


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Autronic, un less you need fly by wire. less than Motec

Call Chris at benchmark performance for info on Autronic 760-484-0986


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I'm running a Link ECU (LinkPlus G3, now superseeded) in my VQ35DE twin turbo. It's got more than enough inputs and outputs to run the VQ, all my custom fan switches (four of them), dual VVT, my transmission temp sensor, oil pressure, boost control, it will also have suspension potentiometers one day (once I create the sender). It's as complex or as simple as you want.... and it's cheap. www.linkecu.com
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