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I Need Cad Drawings for Laser Cutting.

Hi all. I did a quick search and didn't find any threads directly addressing what I'm looking for. If I missed them, I apologize.

I'm building a prerunner in my garage and have a few parts I need laser cut or water jetted...whatever. I have drawings that I did by hand, but apparently need them transferred to some sort of digital file so I can get the parts cut. I have really only talked to one company about the cutting, but they want files.

Are there any members on this board who would be willing to create the files from my hand drawings? I feel like they're pretty simple, but I do need a bit of assistance in completing them. The assistance I would need is in creating slot and tab internal bracing for a bulkhead as well as slot and tab perimeter bracing...if that's what it's called?

Anyway, I am willing to pay for this service. I don't think it would take very long as I created the drawings for 3 different parts using a ruler and a pen in about 2 hours.


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So what did you think ? Once i turned it over to jeff i forgot about this ! Hope all went well. Russ.