I passed a guy in Matomi and then he wasnt nice to me

Dave Cole 4454

My feelers are hurt. He told me I was #1. I thought he really liked my racecar. He might have been upset that I had my codriver get out and take a picture, but it was a really cool line. Mad flex!

But then later when he caught me, he ran right into me. The push to pass light came on, so I sped up so I can find a wide spot faster. I was darting to the left and right so he could get a better view past me. He was honking his horn, but I wasnt sure what he wanted and thought that was rude.

I entered in the Spec 7UTV Legends Class and was under the impression that by running four blue lights that I could pretty much do whatever I want.

Im pretty sure I was doing it right because when I stopped on the left center of the course, the driver indicated we were in fact still number one.

I really like this sport.

jon coleman

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thanx, an old coworker used to say that to the forman& it was a button he pushed to piss off said forman...funny.


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Evidently you didn't tell him you paid an entry fee So you are entitle to do what you want when ever you want with no consequences and although you were the only one in your class you were racing for the win.

jon coleman

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like it, but, do we have to show up on friday to " qualify" , in some other part of the country than where race is at??