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I want to change my Screen name


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Hey Klaus! Hopefully you are doing well today.

Can you please change my name to R_Markey

Thanks! Ive been having a good time on here the past couple of weeks.

Bomberos for Baja

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Dear RDC Management,

Could you please change my username from YOLO Racing to Bomberos for Baja

I am no longer involved with the YOLO team and would like my username to reflect that. I am still involved with Firefighters without Borders Canada and will continue working to provide equipment and training where needed to the fine firefighters up and down the Baja peninsula. One day i will get back down to race but until that happens I will be looking to satisfy my Baja addiction via 450x, hopefully starting with the 2015 Baja Beach Bash!

Thank you in advance for you time.


Ross Burden


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Could you please change my user name from "tuki H.E.A.T." to just "Tuki".

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CYS Motorsports

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Could you change my username to CYS Motorsports? I am leaving the spotters stand and headed on the track for 2016.