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ICON 4x4


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Icon has crafted some beautiful rides. Here is one of the latest. So Clean!!

Post some of the others that you all like below.

Icon 4x4's Latest Creation: BR #28
To say that Jonathan Ward of Icon 4×4 pays attention to detail is an understatement. Photos and editorial can’t begin to describe the dedication and time it takes to build an Icon vehicle. In a tribute to Ford’s classic 60’s SUV, the BR combines a timeless design with many modern conveniences. Starting with the deep exhaust note, the BR comes from the Mustang GT’s 5.0L V8. This emissions-legal power plant is backed by a bulletproof Atlas 2 divorced transfer case and ARB locking differentials.

The drivetrain is easy to quantify, but if you allow your eyes to wander, you will quickly get lost in the details. Smaller pieces like control knobs and mirrors look original, but in reality they are CNC machined stainless steel. A/C vents from Cessna and map lights from a MIG-29 fighter are among the few details that Icon doesn’t manufacture in-house. Fabricated steel center consoles are easy to find in the aftermarket, but Icon uses stainless steel for their construction. Even the glass was specially derived from an architectural application to create a unique reflection. Braking is a partnership between Brembo & Icon that uses six piston calipers riding on titanium hardware.

This being the 28th example produced, Icon’s quality speaks for itself. Congratulations to Mr. Ward and his team for another amazing build and another satisfied customer. Stay tuned to Autofluence for Icon’s latest projects.


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Last time I talked to Jonathan they were 16 months back logged, they build some clean stuff, in all brands.

John Bitting

Id love to own one of those. His podcast on the Rogan show was a good listen. He seems like a down to earth guy.