Ideas for a “sleeper” prerunner ranger?

Bobby Rice

Mar 4, 2019
Covina, Ca
For a while now I’ve thought about learning how to fabricate on a whole new build. One of those build ideas being a sleeper PreRunner ranger!

So the idea is to be able to keep the stock fenders and bedsides but pull good travel numbers. This is much easier in the rear just because the way you gain travel. But the front would be tricky. For the most part, you gain travel in the front end through width and that’s not an option if I’d like to keep the stock fenders. Assuming it’s an a arm ranger, I could do something like a 2-2.5” over kit but that would really pull like 10-12” max. That ain’t no sleeper jajaja.

Well what’s one way to gain travel without widening the front end?? Moving the pivot points inwards on the truck! And this idea is a center mount kit. Would have to be something custom but if you think about it, can am x3s use this exact setup and they pull what 18, 20” of travel in the front? Keep in mind x3s are only 72-74” wide which is damn near a stock ranger with some wheels.

So this idea is already snowballing out of control but it’s absolutely accomplishable. The next question would have to be about rear suspension.

This is where I need your guy’s help.

Links are obvious to those with knowing eyes but if the truck wasn’t anything special on the outside, I doubt anyone would actually notice some inconspicuously black painted links on a plain ranger. But the question now being, would the truck just want to flip much easier if it was linked and center mounted at stock width??

A good idea to hide shocks coming through the bed would be a stabbin cabbin AKA a camper shell. Just tint out all the windows to hide the cage work in the cab and bed, and I think it would be one badass little ranger.

Now being that sleepers tend to have some huge engine under the hood that’s hushed due to a massive muffler, I was thinking of a 5.0 swap. Something that doesn’t have absurd amounts of power but would be able to turn some heads. My idea is to run a stock muffler from an explorer and add cut outs before the muffler that open with the press of a button. How cool would that be!!!

And for the wheels, I’m thinking of 33” tires with just stock rims. Got enough tire there for sure but wouldn’t bring too much attention and would probably be able to tuck nicely (with tons of cutting. Which would happen to a linked, bulkhead truck anyway lol)

If you like this idea or have any suggestions or anything to add, definitely shoot something in the comments! I’m excited to see what people think