Ideas of building a "glamis only"rc check these out


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I was going through some sites trying to get some ideas for a truck im gonna build just for glamis.I came accross this slash.what you think?The 2nd set of pics is a baja 5b and the last is a homemade rail based of a associated t4 truck.



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I think the biggest thing in running an RC car on the dirt is size when you get into real environments. I have had several 1/10th scale buggies\ trucks out in the desert and for the most part all you get is wheel spin. Its kind of like running in a wash the entire time. If I were you I would just go buy a baja 5B or 5T

Look those up on youtube as there are plenty of videos.


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The bigger Baja 5B/T seem to handle better in natural terrain, the smaller cars flip over too easily.

We take our Baja's out to Glamis and Dumont all the time and they work great!! HPI has a bunch of video from Dumont on their site.

The 3rd Annual Dunetoberfest will be held October 23-25 at Buttercup Recreational Area with over 100 Baja's expected to participate.

gimme sand

Nice rides! i just finishes putting some new stuff on my Slash to get it ready for the the upcoming glamis trips. Next is the Brushless and it should be ready to rip!