I'm Dan in AZ

Dan Lee

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Hey guys,

Joined up here after years of lurking. I'm not in desert racing, sadly, when I've made the money to be able to race I haven't had any time, now I've got more time than money so I'm learning for the next run around.

I found the website from the linking to the classifieds over the years.

My truck is a 91 Explorer 4x4 with an autofab setup on the front, full cage, 9" trussed rear, full cage, 3.0 bypasses in the rear,C5 transmission built with C4 internals. The idea was to build it to be a good recrational truck and maybe race, then I realized I should likely build a nice 2wd Ranger and keep this thing for the thrill it is on the recreation level.

Still brushing up on all my terminology and fab skills, meanwhile, I'll keep enjoying myself traveling and 4-wheeling. I'd like to hook up with a race team to do some work in trade for nothing more than the experience. I've been quite resourceful on the trails as I'm generally the guy to figure out how to make a trail repair that will get a truck off the trail.