I'm here ;) from ID


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I'm Brett and I live in SW Idaho. Married almost 20 years, her name is tattooed on my ring finger. We have 3 kids and dream of making it to the Baja 1000, but V2R is probably more realistic. But, I've got to have my blazer running first.

- How you got into desert racing.
I enjoy anything off road. The fab work around here is incredible
- How you have found this website.
Probably followed a link from another site, most likely Pirate 4x4
- What vehicle you play with.
I have an 82 Blazer that I'm building, more of a rock crawler, all around rig. 454,TH400,203/205,D60,14Bff,42IROKs,H1s
- Your future plans in respect to desert racing.
Someday, some guys I work with and I would like to build something, maybe a ranger, maybe a vw
- What keeps you busy during the day? Job, School etc.
When I'm not pulling 24s at the firehouse, I can usually be found in the garage or on the computer.