in-car video footage w/ allister mcrae


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this is 8 minutes long, but it's not really huge.its a full stage with allister mcrae at the wheel romping through what looks like the french countryside. i stumbled upon it while looking for something else, and it's really cool! you cant hear the codriver though...

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What kind of car is that ? And what kind of mods did they do to the facvtory stock version ?

John Bitting

Klaus stock Honda Civic with Mugen Exhaust. :) Your cost $4500 in your local auto trader.

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Well-Known Member's the VW golf WRC.

that's what it looks like, although note it's a different driver.

as far as mods go, that thing's 4WD, totally gutted, and modded beyond most
avid racer's pocketbook. i agree with bitting, it sounds like a MUGEN exhaust jajaja!

MY wrc impreza...really!