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J Prich

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In car from the best in-class battle we ever had...2018 Mint 400. We were close to nose to tail with the Top 4 7100 trucks for the first 20 miles or so. A few close calls in there and lots of bumper to bumper action.

No audio though...we screwed up the camera settings I think so it turned the internal mic off but didn't pick up the in car audio from the intercom. Operator error I'm pretty sure. Never put music to it because it's so long...should I?

Anyway, enjoy some stock motor leaf springers mixing it up!


J Prich

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This is worse than porn on mute.
I played some Rise Against in another tab and it is much better now. 👌
I have used a lot of Rise Against in other vids we did in the past, lol. But I figured 50+ minutes was too much work to build a playlist for so it's sort of a la carte...you pick the jams that suite your mood!


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Leading the 55 car 1600 field off the line at the 2017 Snore/More Rage at the river. After qualifying first on our way to a 3rd place finish at the end of the weekend.


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Here ya go guys I’ve been making a playlist like that for a while now . Both desert and short course
Hey guys I’ve been adding more vids to my list as I add them the vid shown in the ^ above post updates too . I’ve added some KOH and mega truck stuff this time too 👍🏻
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