In search of a two seat car


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I’m throwing this out there to see if anyone is interested in a car swap minus motor and trans.

I’m looking for a two seat car. I have a highly competitive two seat car ready to swap for the right two seat car. It’s Forest Creasy’s single seat car that was modeled after the suspension unlimited chassis. Again, no motor or trans because I do want to stay in the class, I just want a two seat car because my wife seems more open to me racing more often if she has a chance to ride in the car also.

My car is built right at the weight limit. Not a Silcock front end but works just as well with a different design. Front has position sensitive Fox’s and works really well. Rear end has Fox 2.5 IBP’s, chromoly t-bars with an adjuster and is strapped right at the max degrees for rear wheel travel. Car has a 16 gallon cell, PRP seat on a slider and wishbone belts for the neckbrace. Wired with single seat harness for a radio.

My first race in the car I was able to run top 3 and I’m by no means a fast driver. This car is quick and has won BAP, SNORE and many VORRA races over the years. It’s currently unprepped, but I’m keeping the motor and trans and that’s where most of the prep work is in these things anyways. Otherwise change the shock oil and check the ball joints and this thing is ready to go with your motor and trans.

Of course everything is always for sale for the right price but the motor and transmission will not be going for cheap. I’d like to get $4000 for the car without the motor and trans but make me the right offer and it could be yours.