Indy Car drinking systems


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In Cart and in IRL, the drivers have a drinking system that has a small tube run through the front of their full face helmet. When they are thirsty, they put it in their mouth and push a button on the steering wheel and the water shoots into their mouth. I was wondering if anyone knows exactally how it works, I mean I have a pretty good idea how it is set up, but just curious. i was also wondering if anyone knows of a company that manufactures these systems? Any help is appriciated.

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I have used a Camlebak while riding / racing motorcycles. Attached bladder to back of my chest protector and zip tied tube over my shoulder and when I wanted a drink I put tht tube in my mouth and drank away. Not as high tech but it works. Could easily applied to cars.

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I have one in my truck and I believe it is a windshield washer motor hooked up inside a small cooler. The button is next to the shifter and the system works great.

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Alan, we had that same set up in the Larry Scwachofer class 6, 57 chevy, for 10 years and it worked well.
Just had to make sure to clean it well... some time the drink tasted like hell, but it was wet and cold

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