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Robby Gordon
Tony Stewart
Boris Said
Jimmy Johnson
Juan Pablo


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It's good to see everybody getting along again:)

This is the group therapy thread.

Hopefully Sonoma will ease the tension around here. Good runs will do that.

1st - McMurray scores his revenge.
2nd - The 1st loser.
3rd - Robby Gordon charges back after leading and getting shuffled back to 8th after a sub-par pit stop.

Tristar Racing

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RGM wins, this guy right here has to take his first shot of Jim Beam EVER! I said I would do a shot of Jim if he ever won with RGM at the cup level, and Im sticking to it. Not a big whiskey guy, should be interesting.


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I would love to see Boris up front, he is one of my heros but something always seems to bite him at Sears Point, he's had what 2 or 3 good/OK finishes.


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1 A good time by all in attendance
2 Great people watching
3 lots of good food, drink and conversation for those who stop our party location (see other Infineon thread)
4 car #96 last place
5 it's been 5 years since I saw a 31 car win and I will go out on a limb and go with that same driver for the win.


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It's going to be hard to tell. In the off season,alot of drivers drove some endurance races. Kurt Busch & Jimmy Johnson drove in the Rolex 24hrs of Daytona. Kurt Busch did a hell of a job. So having road course experience in your back pocket doesn't mean as much as it use too. I know Robby will come hard and be a threat at first,but he has more pressure then ever as he is flirting with with the top 35. I would love to see RG or Boris win it. I'am going to go on a long shot and pick Vickers!!!!!!!Doh!


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The only race that the team has a shot at winning, and he's running a black car? Not looking good.

I'm gonna pray for at least a decent finish, but bad luck has struck this team all year long with petty crap.


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So what's the deal? Is he just asking too much to sponsor the car for the weekend and nobody will pay? This is best chance at some TV time and he's holding out to possibly get nothing.


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Infineon Preview

Charlotte, NC (June 17, 2008) – Known as one of the top road course racers in the world and on the NASCAR circuit today, Robby Gordon and his No. 7 team are headed to Infineon Raceway as a serious threat to win Sunday’s Toyota/Save Mart 350. In last year’s race, Gordon led the most number of laps – 48 of 110 laps, but fuel mileage cost the No. 7 a chance at the checkered flag. In his ten starts at the 1.99-mile road course, Gordon owns one victory, two top-five and three top-ten finishes as well as five top-ten starts.

Gordon and the No. 7 Dodge have been selected to carry an in-car camera for Sunday’s TNT broadcast, showing fans his moves as he battles the ten-turn track. Front tire changer, Bobby Burrell, will also be displaying the crew cam, giving fans a chance to see live pit action. For the second year in a row, Gordon will be a featured driver on DirecTV’s Hot Pass. The RGM crew will be aired on SD channel 790 and HD channel 795, and the coverage includes: real time stats, live audio, various camera views and dedicated announcers to make certain that not a second of the heart-pounding action is missed.

Despite Gordon’s dominance at Infineon Raceway, the No. 7 will sporting the “back in black” paint scheme for the second time this season. Gordon's strong performance earned his sponsors in excess of $3 million dollars of exposure in last year's Sonoma race. Primary sponsorship opportunities are still available for this weekend’s race, and interested parties should contact the Business Development department at

TV and Radio Times – Qualifying is set for Friday, June 20th at 7:10 p.m. (ET) on SPEED TV, PRN, and Sirius. The 110 laps of racing action begins on Sunday at 5:17 p.m. (ET) and will be broadcast live on TNT, PRN and Sirius Satellite radio.

Infineon – “We are excited to be going to Infineon this weekend. I love the road course races, and the variety that it offers the drivers and the fans. We had a successful test at Road Atlanta in our primary road course car last month. If that is any indication of how well we will do this weekend, then I think we are set for a great weekend of racing action,” stated Gordon.

“As a team, we must never forget that we are racing at the most competitive level of motorsports. We need to have the mentality that we cannot only win at road courses, but everywhere we go. We need to come out of Infineon with a good finish and momentum for the second half of the season.”

Appearance Schedule – Gordon will be signing autographs on Sunday at his souvenir trailer at 10 a.m.


2008 Season

Gordon finished second in the 2008 Prelude to the Dream.
He recorded his second best finish of 2008 at Talladega. The No. 7 finished 11th.
He finished eighth at the Daytona 500.
Gordon has a marketing, manufacturing and technical services agreement with Gillett Evernham Motorsports.
Gordon switched to Dodge days before the Daytona 500.
Gordon is 31st in owner points.


Gordon has one win, two top-5, and three top-ten finishes at Infineon Raceway
Gordon owns three NASCAR Sprint Cup victories:
Loudon on Nov. 23, 2001
Infineon on June 22, 2003
Watkins Glen Aug. 10, 2003
Gordon’s NASCAR only pole came at Atlanta on March 7, 1997.
Gordon owns one Nationwide Series victory at Richmond on Sept. 10, 2004
In the CART Series, Gordon made 106 starts posting wins at Phoenix and Detroit in addition to four poles.
In his ten starts in the Indianapolis 500, Gordon owns five top-10 finishes.
In 2005, Gordon became first American to win a stage in the Dakar Rally. To date, Gordon has five Dakar Series stage wins.


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TS, JG , JPM , Jamie Mac, Ron Fellows, Said, all following behind the black car.

and the cool thing about this will be, even though the is no number 3 on the black car, the aggressive take no prisoners style is going to bring back some more memories for alot of people.

and as Rex mentioned... the 3 day party at the track! yeah baby!


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Must be asking too much money for this race, the "3 million dollar" exposure comment makes that perfectly clear.
I don't know. If he keeps it near the front he will get a LOT of coverage. In car cam for TNT and DirecTV, crew cam on the tire changer, and you know the lead cars always get all the TV time. $3M exposure doesn't seem like an exageration - but a gamble that nothing breaks maybe.


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The funny thing is, he'll get more exposure for running a blank car at a track he can win at.


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I have 4 tickets for Satudays NASCAR WEST Series race.
They were won at Supercuts by a guy who has no interest in racing but wants to see them used. These are Free and I believe in the main grandstand. I can have them at the race track and will hand them to you at the entrance if anyone is interested. Hate to see them go to waste, first come first served.

Sorry no free Sunday tickets available.:(


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Id take them but I already got us 3 day passes! :)


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Robby Gordon also was on a conference call with reporters Tuesday. He's going to Sonoma this weekend in an unsponsored car.

"It surprises me that we have an all-black car, especially with our record on the road courses and how competitive we were last year at Sonoma. It probably shows you how tough the marketplace is out there right now as far as people spending money going racing and using it as a marketing outlet. We (RGR) probably didn’t knock on the right doors as a company. We do have a marketing relationship with Gillett Evernham. I don’t know how we’ve gone this far down the road with an open car (no sponsorship this weekend) on the No. 7 car.

Gordon also suggests not to make too much out of Juan Pablo Montoya's win at Infineon Raceway last year.


GORDON: If you go back just a couple of years and identify the guys who have won races, it comes down to Jeff (Gordon), Tony (Stewart) and me. Those are the guys on the road courses that are going to be the most competitive guys. Juan Pablo (Montoya) won it (last year’s race) on fuel mileage.

"Everyone said what a great job he did last year, but he had a 15th place car last year and just happen to get better fuel mileage than everybody else. I don’t even look at him as being a threat as much as I do with Jeff or Tony.


GORDON: Right now, we’ve got two cars set up for Watkins Glen. I’d love to go to Montreal, but that’s another open inventory race. It’s not 100% guaranteed that we are going to go to that event because of sponsorship. The cars are done. Stuff is going to be ready to go the very next week. I’d like to run Montreal that weekend because I won the race last year. I know it doesn’t show it in the record books, but we won Montreal last year. It is a place that we run good at so, we’ll see what happens. Chicago and Watkins Glen are the two guaranteed Nationwide races for the rest of the year.


GORDON: I’ve had a few conversations with Steve O’Donnell of NASCAR. He’s asked a couple of times, “Hey, are you running that event?” Obviously it was exciting for everybody there; an unfortunate outcome with the circumstances at the end. As far as a race team, we had the fastest car there all day long. We never got the opportunity to show it until the last couple laps. I think at the end of the day, I’d like to go back there because we should have won Montreal. We didn’t get the trophy. Hopefully we’ll go back and see if we can get another one.


GORDON: We haven’t laid anybody off and we won’t lay anybody off. When we started the season this year, we knew what we had for a budget and we knew what we had for sponsorship. The guy who really suffers at the end of the day is the driver. If I had to pay a driver ‘X’ million dollars a year to drive the thing, then we’d be in trouble. But I have that ‘slush fund’ there, being the driver and the owner, which I can operate with. It hurts us, but it doesn’t kill us.


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Tony Stewart - Sonoma Brings a Breath of Fresh Air

Tony Stewart, driver of the No. 20 Home Depot Toyota for Joe Gibbs Racing:

Do you consider yourself a contender at every road course race?

“I look forward to the trip because we’ve had good luck there. If you listen to Robby Gordon, he says he was the fastest car last year and we passed him and drove away from him in the race, so I guess he missed the orange car that went by him. We were the fastest car, no doubt. We just got bit on fuel mileage and that’s part of it. We did everything we could do and it was disappointing, but we left there knowing that we had done our jobs and we had a fast race car and we were bit by a circumstance that we couldn’t control.”