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Injured Bike Rider at Baja 1k


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As many of you know there was a terrible motorcycle wreck in the early stages of the Baja 1000 this year. Our Protruck came upon the downed rider who was unconcious. We left our co-driver there with him until he could be taken to a hospital. I am interested in an update on how the guy is doing. Last I heard he had a broken neck and a broken back. Do any of you guys have an update on his condition?

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That shows some damn good sportsmanship from you guys. This happens all the time in moto-dez racing. Some riders just keep going but many riders, like myself, have stopped and summond help. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to crash at the beginning of a race and was unconsciuos as well. Another rider stopped and helped. If it wasn't for him I would have been helpless for a while! Props to you and team EJR....



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Yeah, I agree with Wlado's comments!!! Personally any fellow racers health in my opinion should always come before your own personal finishing position. If you see a vehicle that's obviously wrecked and looking like a bad situation or a rider down and obviously injured or not moving I think you should at least radio for help and get a chase team member out there at the very least!!

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i also would like to know how he is
we gave your co driver a ride to the next pit

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Jesse, did you wratchet strap him to the hood or was it your chase crew?



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The downed rider was at race mile 168 he was on a blue quad. We came upon him in my protruck and he waved us down. He could not comunicate what his problem was we gave him water and called the weatherman and told him help was on the way and then took off. EJR with Craig Stewart driving came upon him a few minutes later and he was passed out. they stopped dropped off his Co-driver and went on. 262x bike was also there. When Craig called this emergency in he called it in as a bike to the weatherman because he saw the bike and not the quad. This was medical insident #2 and #3 but we did not know this tell later. The instant mexico auto insurance helicopter was first on the seen with Dr. Renato who immediatly called the SCORE helicopter which has patient transport capability. Dr. Renato stayed with the patient along with Scores Dr. Dale while transporting the patient to San Jose medical in Ensenada. I do not know the extent of his injuries but the two Doctors revived the patient twice in transport and for sure saved his life. The rider called Mark Cowan, Craig Stewarts Co-Driver on Monday to let him know he is ok and to ask were is my Quad? Mark tried to start the Quad to ride to the next pit but it was out of gas. Jesse Jones stopped and Mark road on the Co-drivers lap to the next pit and then fixed Jesse's truck. Mark your a stud! You and those Doctors saved that guys life. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of a blue Quad left around mile 168 there is a guy in the hospital that wants to know.

P.S. Buy instant Mexico Auto insurance when you guys go to mexico and I feel a little safer knowing that SCORE has such great medical help. Good job everyone involved!

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We came across a quad rider at RM168. He was crawling on all fours by his bike. We stopped and offered water but he said he was okay (sure). We called the Weatherman and left water just the same. I think they helo'd this guy out too.

Damn quads will kill you!

I attached an image of a blue quad from the San Matias Wash (?), just before the highway. (it's after the San Felipe Loop)

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