Inside TT#23 - 2016 Baja 500


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Great job out there Dan, you were right on pace in a brutally rough and hot course!
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Stuck Sucks

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I'll have to watch on the big screen when I get home - I was standing on a rock at RM70 (assuming the vid is long enough).


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I saw a very short video clip of a McMillin truck jumping and landing off the side of the race course almost sideways. Was that from this race? I wish I had a way to post it here, but I don't.


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There it is Dan's secret: "jelly tubes" for chassis. Hehehe jk

Great run!

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Crane Motorsports
is the camera gimble mounted? great video quality. almost seems fake. thanks for sharing
I don't know what you mean by "camera gimble" but yes it

The quality does seem fake, it looks like it zooms in and out at times. It's set to 1080p 60 FPS at Medium view. The touch screen on the back of the camera makes it extremely easy to operate. It ran off of battery power, rather than hard wired into the truck so it didn't last as long as I hoped. Hopefully I will be able to get most of the Baja 1000 recorded and each day of Vegas to Reno.

Short Bus

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Great show. Thanks for posting.

Is the point of the bottleneck at RM23 somewhere in these videos? I'd like to see what it looked like.