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I searched in the archives and couldn't find anything with insuring a car so here's my question.
I have a baja bug. I can either get normal insurance that covers me for Kelly blue book ($2,000), or I can get off-road insurance that doesn't work on the street.
I need a policy that will cover my $15,000 baja bug for $15,000 wether it be on or off-road, does anybody know who to call?


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I think you can tell your insurance that you want it insured for more $$$ thats what my buddy did with his 67 stang that runs low 11's. But it will cost you more and might not be worth the extra cash????


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most likely, your gonna need to get classic car insurance or custom vehicle insurance in order to cover it up to the true value. most brokers and regular agents cant even insure a car older than 15 yrs for comp/collission. you might wanna try farmers, they have custom vehicle insurance.


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i have progressive - they will insure for whatever value you want, but you better be sitting down when you get the quote.

Erik Irvine

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Reply to last three posts,
1.My insurance company (allstate) will only give me blue book plus going rate of vehicle at time of accident, which is at their discretion and usually alot lower than actual price.

2.the seven classic car insurance companies I called will not cover off highway use vehicles, and alot of them don't even cover it at all unless it says in their book that it is a classic

I called progressive and they said they can only give me blue book plus $5,000 for aftermarket accesories. that leaves me at $7,000.

In the new Hot VW's magazine they did a article on insuring vehicles that don't fit the mold. They said that you want to get either "stated amount" or "agreed amount" which pretty much says that the price you agree on (for mine $15,000) is what your insured for and what you pay for. All the companies I called that had these plans would not cover something going off-road.

I need a company that can insure a on/off-road vehicle at above Kelly blue book.


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Call Michael James in Alpine. Don't know if he can help you, but he is an insurance broker, and off-road racer, so he may have some ideas.