insure your aftermarket parts!!!


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I just bought a new truck it already came lifted and it cost me $60 more a year! to cover $6000 worth of parts, shocks,rims,tires, if anything gets stolen I get the same stuff back if you dont have this all you get is stock shocks,tires,ect.ect. call your insurance company and see if they offer it I go through wawanesa out of San diego... and if I get more I just fax over the reciets and more parts get covered cuz right now I dont have $6k in parts but I will soon!...race car owners!!! there is a company that will cover a sandrail or race car for up to $30K if its stolen but if its wrecked your I failed spelling out of luck I cant remeber the name but if you like the info PM me and I will send it to you....Mike

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