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intercom/2-way /ext speaker mod???


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so like many prerunners with a intercom, i have 2 radios. one for the intercom and one when not using the intercom like when parked.

the problem i am having is when i use my 2nd non-intercom radio, it pops my sound system speakers. I guess i have it mounted to close to my amps. i could try and find another spot for the 2nd one put space is tight in a ranger.

has anyone mod a 2-way radio to a switch so as to be able to just use the one?

I know i would have to open up the radio and mod the board where the external speaker plug goes.


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I wouldnt use two radios, simply add a external speaker and add a "y" splitter at the external speaker 3.5 plug in the rear of the radio. you can add a toggle switch so the speaker isnt always sharing your radio chatter. Then use the hand mic to transmit your parked talk.


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thanks. makes sense. i seem to over think some things. i was going to open up the radio and try to mod the ext. speaker port to switch from ext. to front.