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Intercom aux in/cell inputs

What is the difference in the Aux in and Cell inputs on the front of an intercom box? I have always used the Aux-in for music. but my last trip out I broke the lock nut off and now can't use the aux-in. I plugged the 1/8" cord into the Cell input and the music still worked. Is there a difference in the two inputs? Hopefully PCI sells a new 1/8" plug.


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I'm not sure if your intercom system works the same, but with our RRP660 for example, the Auxiliary in is just a one-way input. The cellphone port is both audio in and out (for talking/listening on the phone).

You should be fine using the cellphone port for music. Although, you might have a slight difference in volume level when using the cellphone port.
Over the weekend, I noticed the "cell" input does not automatically lower the music when talking through the intercom.


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You would be correct. Any intercom with VOX capabilities will lower/raise volume with the audio port. Using the cellphone port you won't get automatic volume adjustments.

If you can't get your music port repaired, your other alternative is to use the auxiliary port (or molex port) on the back of your intercom. You can reference the CS-MUSIC-MOLEX and CS-MUSIC-6P-XL cables on our website.